Welcome to Sushi Republic!!

Welcome to the innovative styles of sushi republic! Our award winning sushi has led us to the heart of Greensboro where we are consistently improving our signature dishes in order to remain in your hearts as well. While dining with us, you can enjoy a wide variety of our freshest sushi. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or the most advanced and adventurous sushi eater; we have something for you!

Sushi Republic is also proud to offer you a wide range of delicious meals from our kitchen that can be paired wonderfully with any sushi dish.  We offer an extensive range of sake and wine for our guests to choose from, as well as a full bar where any request is answered with a yes.


Our atmosphere is perfect for family outings, business meetings or just a peaceful retreat. We are also very capable of hosting large parties to meet each and every guest’s desires. Our beautiful open patio is a delight to sit and enjoy sushi and sun with close friends. Let our charming and friendly staff make sure your needs are met and exceeded beyond expectation.

Don’t forget to join us for lunch for our popular lunch menu with great food for even better prices!

Come see what Greensboro is talking about. Join us today for an experience you won’t soon forget!